CopyFilenames Pro

CopyFilenames Pro v3.0

Copy filenames and paths from Windows folders

CopyFilenamesPro is a simple tool to add to Windows a way to copy folder listings and filenames to the clipboard. This software replaces the boring and repetitive task of copying the names of each single file, one by one. This software is not a standalone application. It just adds some useful features to the Windows Explorer copying process. Just a right click over a folder and you can see the new options. CopyFilenamesPro can copy paths and file or folder names to the clipboard with a pair of clicks. You can select specific items for name copy by holding CTRL while you select and then choose one of the new options added in the right click menu. It’s the same case for path copy (for example, C:\Windows\Driver Cache), except holding the SHIFT button. Copy and paste valid names for different files and folders, rename files without the file extension of a copied name and edit options to change formats and attributes used in the processes. CopyFilenamesPro allows you to create your own commands and personalize the way you do this task. There are options to copy filenames from different folders without copying folder names. CopyFilenamesPro is a very useful saving time add-on for your computer.